Personal Security

For our clients there is nothing more valuable, than their lives. For us, their life is priceless.

People apply to professionals for help in case of real, in their opinion, threat to their life and health. And, very often defending clients with our bodies, we have serious approach to the issue of removing threats, preventing attacks. In cases when attacks could not be avoided, our experienced staff takes all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the protected person and the neutralization of threats with all available under Russian law methods.
Vast experience in providing security of the first persons of the country, the world famous companies and personalities gives us confidence to take responsibility for the fate of people who have been in danger.

We approach to the question of neutralizing threats extremely complexly, starting with accumulation of information and analysis of the situation, establishment of the alleged attackers and definition of the most probable forms and methods of attack on the protected person.
The most common methods of killer’s work are:

  • using of a sniper;
  • mining of a car with explosive device;
  • small-sized radio-guided explosive device, thoroughly hided;
  • ambush at the entrance of the house, office, constantly visited place, or, on the contrary – performing of an announced action (e.g. protected artists’ performance);
  • attempt of shelling, or blowing up the moving vehicle.

For a number of reasons, forms and methods of preventing attacks are not public information. Forms and methods of information-analytical activities, high-quality working-off alarming signals, other kinds of a «chamber» work are not disclosed.

Interaction with law enforcement officials, former employees of bodies, persons, attracted to cooperation both in places of residence and places of business activity of the protected person are an integral part of the work of analysts, researchers, private detectives and other professionals.

For an inexperienced person the visible part of the work is evident only – 24-hours activity of the group of personal protection. Undoubtedly, the constant presence of vigilant, approved in extreme situations, well-trained and equipped team of PSC staff, is capable to complicate preparation and implementation of the attack extremely, and if committed – lightning-fast, professionally and decisively repulse it.

Excerpts from the laws of the Russian Federation:
В процессе осуществления охранной деятельности частные охранники имеют право:

In the process of security activities private security guards have the right to:

1. Use special means in the following cases:

  • to repel the attack, directly threatening their life and health, or the life and health of the protected citizens;
  • to prevent crimes against protected property, when the offender offers physical resistance (art. 17 of the Federal Law «About Private Detective and Security Activity»).

2. Use fire-arms in the following cases:

  • to repulse an attack when his own life is exposed to the immediate danger;
  • to repulse a group or armed attack on the protected property;
  • to warn about intention to use weapons (shot in the air) or for the alarm signal and to call for help(art. 18 of the Federal Law «About Private Detective and Security Activity»).

Criminal code of the Russian Federation (article 203) and the law «On licensing separate types of activities» dated 10.01.2003, № 15-FL, provides responsibility of security guards for excess of official powers, if these actions were committed with violence or threats of its application.

Private security guards have the right to apply violent actions when performing security activities only in the conditions and within the limits of legitimate self-defense, extreme necessity, as well as during the detention of the offender.
The guard has the right to detain persons who have committed unlawful encroachment on the protected property or the life and health of citizens, for the immediate transfer to the police (art. 12 of the Federal law «About Private Detective and Security Activity»). Resistance, threat or violence against persons involved in the provision of security services, during the performance of their duties, is punishable in accordance with the law (art. 19 of the Federal law «About Private Detective and Security Activity»).