QRF – Quick Response Force

A group of Subscribery Service (Quick Response Force, QRF), is one of the oldest and most effective units of «ALPHA-B» PSC.

The founders and the first employees of QRF, back in 1992, boldly standing on the protection of the interests of individuals and businesses from any criminal threats, brought into the effective and motivated team healthy spirit of military brotherhood, unlimited endurance, quick wit and legal literacy.
The main function of QRF is prevention of illegal actions on the part of any persons, including officials, and saving of life and property of clients and their families, and also rendering of urgent medical and legal assistance, transfer of criminal situation into legal framework up to the arrival of competent specialists of «ALPHA-B» PSC and involved in co-operation lawyers, doctors, etc.

The main element of ensuring complex security measures is the reaction of the mobile team on the received alarm signal.

Round-the-clock several mobile crews of QRF, equipped with fire-arms and special means (including protective) are on duty in the center of Moscow and, if necessary, depending on the operational situation, in the corresponding districts of Moscow and neighboring regions.

The personnel of the QRF team is mainly based on trained staff of special units, who had both the highest combat training and legal knowledge, psychological qualities, knowledge of foreign languages. The average age of QRF team is about 35-45 years.

Experience and skills acquired by employees in the course of previous service in the anti-terrorist units of law enforcement and security structures of FSB and Ministry of Home Affairs are really invaluable.

Regular training, retraining in specialized educational centers, study on the law enforcement practice and theory, as well as in foreign languages guarantee the highest level of competence and qualifications of QRF employees, evidenced by the success in the competition with colleagues, certificates, diplomas and licenses.

The main orientations of training are :

  • legal training;
  • physical combat, tactical training;
  • professional psychological training;
  • main principles of reanimation and first medical aid.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, employees have the right to:

  • detention and handing over persons suspected of committing offences to the law enforcement agencies;
  • use of firearms and other weapons and special means in the case of threat to the life and health of their own and the client;
  • the use of technical and other resources, non-influencing the livelihoods, health status and not harmful to the environment according to the available licenses and contractual obligations.

The employees of QRF team carefully study the specific features of all protected objects (the entry point, ways of approach, blocking points, escape routes, including engineering communications), which in its turn highly increases the effectiveness of protection measures, allows you to stabilize the situation quickly.

If necessary, employees of the RRG can replace the existing checkpoint protection, strengthening the object check mode and ensuring their impermeability to undesirable elements.

The competence of the employees of the Group includes:

  • 24-hours armed personal protection of VIP clients;
  • hidden secret support of : personal protection crews, stationary guard, managers, specialists from other departments of «ALPHA-B» PSC during realization of operational and tactical tasks;
  • hidden and open checking of potential snipers’ positions, possible places of explosive devices installation, otherwise;
  • protection from criminal acts against protected persons or property (threat, attack, provocation);
  • meeting/seeing and escorting of VIP persons;
  • escorting of clients with valuable items;
  • immediate response to emergency situations on protected sites and check out for gain (replacement) of stationary guard;
  • in case of accident, legal disputes with the participation of the client;
  • rendering of legal, translation, medical aid to our clients in any situation, including car-accidents.

All actions of QRF-staff around the clock are coordinated by a single management System, including the Duty Officer, Manager (technical expert responsible for the trouble-free operation of the integrated communications hub), acting (for customers and objects), patrolling, and backup crews.

Before relieving on duty and getting firearms and special means all employees undergo obligatory medical certification, instructions on the operational situation and information on protected objects.

LLC PSC «ALPHA-B» is a founder and a member of several associations of veterans and security organizations, widely uses the experience of the staff, their personal contacts. This ensures our employees with the full support of local counterparts in any region of actions.